Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Kunal Amin and I am an UI/UX, Interactive Designer. In 1999 I received a diploma in Multimedia from Arena Multimedia, where I started my first job as an Instructor for Adobe products. I completed my degree in Interactive Design at Johnson County Community College in 2010, since then I have worked with various advertising agencies in Kansas.

When it comes to the web, I specialize in web standards implemented through Adobe CC, CSS 3 and HTML 5 with Jquery overlays. My websites designs focus on the user experience while making the website a tool for communication. If you need to re-vamp your website or create one from scratch, I am the right person for the job. Please contact me with any questions or projects you may have for me.

Thank You,
Kunal Amin

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Web, Graphics & Multimedia

I have 10+ years of experience working on webdesign, graphic and multimedia  projects. I specialize in User Interface design, using the recent phase of Responsive Webdesign. While working on any project related to Websites, I try to focus and deliver best userface for end user/client to get best output of project.

My goal is to give the best and easiest user interface for end user to get desired results to my client.

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The Salvation Army | Annual Report

One of my favorite project, which gave me lot of flexiblity and room to experiment the new style. Tried to use the parellax scrolling to display the pages and used CSS to give animation to the content.

Salvation Army Annual Report